Week 15

I’m doing a big progress on my collage, it should be done soon! Today I got to print my cubism and it looks amazing! I did not know I got such talent! I think I’m really enjoying this of being an artist. I would not mind taking Visual Arts as a minor! Art is very relaxing for me, is more like a hobby and do appreciate being part of this amazing journey! I will miss this class so much! I want to learn more and more about the digital imaging!

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Week 13 & 14

I can’t believe I got to finish with both my hyper and cubism projects! My hyper looks kind of serious and professional and my cubism is completely the opposite! My cubism is colorful and fun! Although I couldn’t figure out cubism at the beginning, after I finally understood I had so much fun with it.

I also print out my hyper today and it looks so neat I’m so happy!! Thanks professor for all your advice!

Now the new challenge is coming, Collage here I come!

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Week 12

This week I learn more tools which will help me with my cubism project! There’s so much to do so little time. I wish I have more time to fully explore Photoshop, because I really like it!! School is almost getting to its end and I feel so behind! I’m running out of time and I need to hurry up with my cubism and start collage ASAP!!

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Week 11

Trip to MoMA!!

Today I got a very exciting experience at the museum. I never went to this museum before and as I was there, I was astonished to see so much beauty, talent, and history in one single building! This trip has awakened my hidden passion for the art and now I’m more exciting than ever to continue creating contemporaneous art. I also had a nice lunch with my classmates and I got to know them better!!

This are just some pictures captured at MoMa!!


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Week 10

I finally presented my hyperrealism work and I got a good feedback. Still, I got to work on a couple details. It is not easy to reach perfection, but it is my first Photoshop work ever and I’m so anxious to see the results. Now I need to start figuring out what to do with cubism, which I cannot fully comprehend yet. Hopefully, my trip to the museum MoMA next week April 2nd gives me inspiration.

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Week 9

Spring Break (“,)

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Week 8

This week, I presented my concepts and sketches for cubism.  I did like more than one concept and couldn’t decide which one to go for. The teacher helped me with this decision and the dream catcher idea was chosen. I’m excited to work with this concept and I hope and can come up with a great final product.

In class we learned how to use paths. This tool is extremely important to learn in order to do for cubism. We also learned about masks which is a tool that makes unique crops. Next week is spring break and is a great opportunity for us to review what he have learned in class.

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